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feminin Numarul mesajelor : 411
Varsta : 23
Localizare : NeverLand
Data de inscriere : 04/01/2009

MesajSubiect: Miyavi   Lun Ian 26, 2009 10:48 am

nu ca-i un hooooot?!?!? O_O si seamana atat de bine cu kanon...i tot nu m-am prins care dupa care s-o luat 🇭🇲 ce conteaza....pentru mine amandoi is bunoooooci Rolling Eyes

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Numarul mesajelor : 10
Data de inscriere : 19/03/2009

MesajSubiect: Re: Miyavi   Sam Iul 18, 2009 1:39 am

NAME: MIYAVI (Takamasa Ishihara)
BIRTH DATE: 14 Sep 1981 Virgo
BIRTHPLACE: Nishikujo, Konohana-ku, Osaka City, Japan
SIBLINGS: Older sister and younger brother
BLOOD TYPE: AB (Half korean / half Japanese)
HAIR: Kintaro Hair, Kobo-chan cut
PETS: A cat
HEIGHT: 183 cm ~ 185 cm
WEIGHT: 67 kg
SHOE SIZE: 9 (US) / 27.5 CM
DRINK: Water or Protein
FOOD: Anything but Natto
COLOR: Black, Silver and Pink
UNDERWEAR: Playboy / Chrome Hearts
SHADES: Christian roth / Mark Jacobs / Dior
PERFUME: Yvessaintlaurent Baby Doll / Dior Addict
BRAND: John Galliano / Dress Camp / Artful Dodger / Betsey Johnson / Room No.382
FAVOURITE FOOD: Chicken, Inari Sushi, Chocolate Cake
FAVOURITE FILM: The Talented Mr. Ripley
GUITARS: Gibson J-45 (1956) / National Style-O ()/ Rainsong JM1000 / YAMAHA FG-2500 (1971) Fender Bass6 (1959) / Taylor T-5 / Killer Flying-Y (original) / Dragon fly 4 S.K.I.N. (original)
HOBBY: English / Dance / Soccer
SPECIALITY: Singin', Dancin' and Smilin'

Interesting Facts:

・Miyavi has claimed to be his own favorite artist.

・Miyavi's former stage name, Miyabi, means "elegant".

・Miyavi hates broccoli and tomato juice.

・Miyavi admires Toshiya of Dir en grey, and Kazuki of Raphael.

・Kei from Baroque is said to look up to Miyavi.

・Miyavi says he has issues shouting all the time, no matter where he is.

・Miyavi says he cannot go a day without hugging someone.

・Miyavi wanted to be a doctor before he became a musician "because it's very important to help people".

・Miyavi was heavily involved in soccer when he was in highschool and still plays as a hobby. His first photo essay features him playing soccer with a young actor from his movie.

・Miyavi has three piercings in his face (right eyebrow, left nostral, right bottom lip) six in his ear, and one "secret" piercing. The interesting thing about his lip piercing is, it actually goes through his lip as opposed to under/around it like most piercings do. (not anymore tongue)

・Miyavi's stage/PV clothes are made by Fotus, which has enjoyed a great deal of popularity since Miyavi went solo. He modeled fotus clothing at a fashion show in 2003. Arena 37c ran an article about it.

・Miyavi has modeled clothing for the Gothic Lolita Bible on multiple occasions, since before he was a solo artist.

・Miyavi claims to use his own tour towels when he bathes.

・Miyavi hit his front teeth on the microphone during his first major live. He continued as if nothing happened, but afterwards he said hurt so much he felt like crying.

・Miyavi was so nervous during the shooting of his first movie's live scene that his knees were shaking and he couldn't eat.

・Miyavi's first magazine cover was SHOXX October issue 2003. His second was SHOXX bis, and his third was SHOXX February 2004.

・'tenjou tenka yuiga dokuson' - 'I'm the one and only. In heaven and on earth.' (tattoo on Miyavi's right arm)
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